St Elmo's Bar

36 Brewery Ave, Bisbee, AZ, 85603  |  520-432-5578

Hours: 2:00pm-2:00am

St. Elmo Bar was established in 1902, about 21 years after the famous "Gunfight at the OK Corral" an hour north in Tombstone. But that's not to say that Earp and Holliday never drank here.

Brewery Gulch, a section of Bisbee, hosted the towns entertainment and nightlife, at one time boasting some 47 saloons as early as 1880, and had been considered the liveliest spot between El Paso and San Francisco. Before St. Elmo was established, the Gulch hosted other bars and venues. Perhaps one can still hear the gunshots and fist fights echoing off the buildings from 130+ years ago.

View Larger Map Today, St. Elmo Bar stands as one of the oldest bars in Arizona still in operation. During the day, you can talk to the local regulars, and at night you can party with tourists late into the eve.